EMA (Equal Marriage Alliance) Japan’s kick off reception was held in Tokyo, on Saturday, November 22, 2014.

We were pleased to invite EMA Japan members as well as those who have contributed so generously to our organization in the past year. 

Among our guests, we were honored to welcome His Excellency the Ambassador of Denmark and his spouse. Denmark is the country where registered partnerships (nearly the equivalent to full marriage rights) were legalised 25 years ago. In addition, Ministers of the Embassy of the UK, Germany and Israel were also in attendance as well as representatives of Members of Parliament from both the ruling party, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), and the opposition party, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ).

EMA Japan was grateful for the approximately 20 volunteers who donated their time to help make the event a great success. To all of those who worked on the event planning and preparation also, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

For EMA Japan, legalising same-sex marriage is not our only goal. Ultimately, we strive to bring about a society in which everyone can live true to themselves and we feel that marriage equality is the necessary first step towards creating such a society. However, marriage equality has significant importance as it ensures equal treatment before the law, and protects the basic human rights of sexual minorities, who are not yet fully accepted in Japanese society.

Now, with 40% of the world’s GDP coming from the places where equal marriage has become accepted, we feel Japan must also move towards same-sex marriage recognition. In this regard, we have already garnered support and commitment for marriage equality legislation from both ruling and opposition party members of parliament. For more information about EMA Japan, how to support us a volunteer or work with us in other ways, please see our website,, for details. We ask for your continued support as we work to make equal marriage a reality in Japan.