Hideyuki Nishimura, as an EMA Japan member in charge of legal issues and PR, visited the headquarters of Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in Washington D.C. as a part of EMA Japan’s outreach activities.

HRC is the largest LGBT rights advocacy organization in the United States. HRC’s advocacy activities are said to be a major driving force behind the equal marriage movement which recently saw the U.S. Supreme Court recognize the federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage at the end of June this year. EMA Japan is also working on realizing the legal status of same-sex marriage through national legislation.

He attended a meeting on behalf of EMA Japan to exchange information on organizational efforts regarding equal marriage made by each organization. In addition, forward-looking discussions took place with the goal of proactively exploring future exchange opportunities and information-sharing between the two organizations to achieve equal marriage legislation in Japan.

Furthermore, with the support of the Council for Global Equality which actively engages in LGBT diplomatic activities, other information exchange sessions were held with several LGBT advocacy groups, congressional staffers and relevant officials from the U.S. State Department.

EMA Japan will continue to actively engage in outreach activities with potential partners for collaboration overseas as well as domestically.