As LGBT issues and rights continue to grow in awareness in Japan, we are seeing an increase in the number of events and activities throughout the country. This includes Pride events, festivals, and presentations not just in Tokyo, but throughout Japan.

However, there are also those LGBT events that have been bringing awareness and support to the community for some time now. Not new to the LGBT scene, Kansai Rainbow Festa celebrated their 10th anniversary on Octobert 10th! And EMA Japan was there!

With a dedicated team, we were able to collect hundreds of signatures last Saturday and continue moving toward our goal of marriage equality in Japan! EMA Japan had a booth with fun activities such as messages of love for our EMA Japan bulletin boards, pictures with folks that wanted to declare why marriage equality was important to them, and education for thousands on the work EMA Japan is doing to bring the right to marry who you love to Japan.


The weekend was an opportunity for the Japanese community to celebrate diversity, acceptance, and inclusion together. It was a chance to look at how far the community has come, but also to look at the steps that still need to be taken to create equal rights and a chance to mobilize the community to help make that change.


But our biggest success was that our petition to the Japanese government for Equal Marriage gained over 700 signatures, bringing us to nearly 10,000 supporters total! As registrations online continue to come in, we’re in the final countdown toward our initial goal of  10,000 supporters.

We look forward to carrying forward the momentum gained over the weekend, and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

If you’d like to join the thousands of other equal marriage supporters here in Japan, please sign our petition here:

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