Isn’t the institution of marriage outdated?

As the traditional roles of husband and wife are fading, so too is the definition of marriage being that a woman enters the man’s family and she became dependent on her husband financially. What’s more, the concept of marriage as something that is socially and culturally an expected step of life is also changing. It can no longer be said that the institution of marriage is a testament to past generations’ rules of the expected roles of husband and wife, man and woman. With that, there is no need to deny this “Institution of Marriage” to any one group of people.

Even today, many people are discovering the emotional meaning and value behind marriage; therefore, marriage is still seen as an institution that receives mainstream recognition and creates cultural connections. In summary, even today the institution of marriage has meaning.

Against the background of evolving trends in secularization and commercialization, the institution of marriage has remained throughout history by being flexible in its attributes, and recognizing same-sex marriage can be argued as a development suitable for the present.