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EMAEqual Marriage Alliance

EMAはEqual Marriage Allianceの略で、平等な結婚、つまり同性結婚が認められる社会を目指すという意味です。




EMA is short for Equal Marriage Alliance.

EMA Japan is an NPO that advocates for the social and legal recognition of same-sex marriages in Japan. The abbreviation of the NPO is also a play on the Japanese word 「今」 “ima” which means “now.” There is no better time than “now” to advocate for equal marriage in Japan!

EMA Japan believes that Japanese society should recognize that sexual minorities also have equal rights and that sexual minorities also deserve the freedom and protection to live varied and fulfilling lives. Recognition of same-sex marriages has been advancing rapidly among the world’s most prosperous and freest societies. We cannot afford to let Japan fall behind in this march towards greater freedom and equality!

Specifically, EMA Japan, through cooperation with the media and other like-minded organizations, aims to increase public awareness of the commercial, social and political realities of sexual minorities, in both Japan/domestic as well as global contexts. EMA Japan believes that these advocacy activities will eventually lead towards the legalization of same-sex marriage in Japan.

Same-sex marriage is still not legal in Japan despite the many efforts of an increasing number of Japanese organizations advocating against discrimination towards sexual minorities. Japanese society cannot really be called “equal and free” unless this legal discrimination is remedied.