EMA Japan’s goal is to bring about same-sex marriage legislation in Japan.

The NPO’s acronym EMA (pronounced eema) stands for Equal Marriage Alliance. The Japanese character, 今, is pronounced in the same way (eema) and means now. We believe now (eema) is the time for EMA to bring about equal marriage rights in Japan. Get it? Pretty clever, right?

Up until now, LGBT organizations in Japan have been actively working to improve the situation for the 5 percent of the population that are considered to be of a sexual minority. Their work has greatly enhanced people’s understanding regarding issues of sexual identity as well as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender members of society.

In many respects, we in Japan are fortunate that our laws are not outrightly discriminatory against the LGBT community in general. However, the right of marriage is not recognized for this segment of society and it is this legal inequality that leads to societal prejudice and misunderstandings. The legalization of same-sex marriage is an integral step to bring same-sex couples into the mainstream of society thus bringing further recognition and acceptance and understanding.

In countries where same-sex marriage has been legalized, gay and lesbian youth need not worry about their future due to their sexual preference, parents are confident that their children can be themselves and live happy lives, and society at large has been reassured that living and working with LGBT colleagues is no different than working with straight counterparts.

To make a better, more equal and prosperous society in Japan: that is why we propose same-sex marriage legislation in Japan.




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